Specialty Garlic Gift Boxes - Available August 15, 2006
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$45 per box

- Shipping and handling included to addresses in the continental United States. (Currently we are unable to ship any boxes outside of the United States.)
Gift Boxes of 12 Specialty Garlic Bulbs
- Heirloom and Rare Varieties
- Hand selected
- Key to varieties on inside lid of box
- Attractive gift box

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Each box cantains 12 Specialty Garlics which are packaged in a sturdy and attractive cardboard box. The box is not sealed so as to allow airflow aaround the bulbs.

Not 'Just garlic’
Late in spring hardneck garlics send up a curly garlic scape. Ten years ago, when I saw that for the first time I thought it was amazing. Later I discovered the various colors, shapes, sizes, and tastes of specialty garlic and I was enlightened. Garlic is not just garlic! Since then I have been collecting rare varieties from around the world and now I want to share how magnificent specialty garlic can be. Each of my premium bulbs has been naturally grown and selected by me on my farm in the mountains of North Carolina. Each Whistlepig Farm Specialty Garlic Box is filled with 12 hand-selected garlics. Up to twelve distinct varieties, each with its own history and description, will open new possibilities of flavor for you and your friends. Thank you for joining me in the discovery of specialty garlic.

Inside each box are 12 compartments with a nest of material to keep your garlics separate and safe during shipping and storage. Tips on storage are included inside the box, along with more information about Whistlepig Farm and the garlic varieties offered.
There are two main subtypes of Garlic: Hardnecks and Softnecks and those are divided into five main subtypes: Artichoke, Silverskin, Purple Striped, Porcelain, and Rocambole.

Softnecks are distinct for their tight clove wrapper, long shelf life, and mild flavor.

Hardnecks generally have fewer cloves per bulb, distinct colors and flavors, and shorter shelf life. It is this last difference that makes hardneck garlics a rare commercial crop.

It has also opened the door for a small group of specialty garlic growers around the county to explore new markets and new opportunities to teach consumers that GARLIC IS NOT ‘JUST GARLIC’!

A chart, like that in chocolate boxes, is located on the inside lid identifying the garlic varieties included in that particular box. Eeach box is hand-packed, so the variety of garlics will vary.
I package and begin selling boxes in mid August so that my more rare varieties can be consumed before they dry or begin to sprout. I try to place a true cross sections of varieties in each box but some variety run out as the season progresses. Ordering is placed by email or phone so that I can be sure I have the stock to create each distinct box-- So Order Early!

Due to limited quantitied, on-line ordering will not be offered this year.

To place an order:
Call: 828-670-1035
or email